Risby Preschool & Childcare Services


Our Settings Ethos and Aims

Our Ethos


Our belief is that all children are unique, they should be valued, their individual needs are met and they reach their full potential.  We facilitate this in a stimulating, secure and home from home environment with a high level learning curriculum.

We firmly believe that children learn best when they are thoroughly engaged in high quality play activities.  This is achieved every day by continuously following a child's interest.

Our setting has a reputation for not only caring for the children of the setting but also giving friendly support and advice to their family when asked.

Our Aims 

°To promote a positive and high quality educational provision

°To provide a safe, secure and stimulating environment where the child is central to our ethos.

°To meet the individual needs of all children.

°To ensure all children and their families have equal opportunities and access.

°To support children to communicate with adults and other children in the setting.

°To encourage excellent parent partnership.

°To support all children's wellbeing

° To provide knowledge, opportunities and experiences to prepare children for their future success.


°To provide a high level learning curriculum following the children's interests, to enable all children in our setting to work towards achieving their full potential.


° To teach children about the world and different cultures


° To support children in developing self confidence and independence.


° To support the staff to continuously train to enhance their own personal development.


° To work in partnership with outside agencies and organisations to support our children.


°Maintain and review our robust policies and procedures regularly.


°Maintain high levels of Health & Safety.