Risby Preschool & Childcare Services


Choosing a Preschool

Choosing a Preschool is no easy decision; being a parent myself I know the questions I would be asking. Who are the people looking after my child? Is there plenty to do? Does the Preschool provide a safe and secure environment? And will my child’s individual needs be met?


Parents often tell me their first impression of Risby Preschool is one of warmth, friendly faces meeting you at the door, a place buzzing with energy and a room full of happy children. Children always come first as we recognise that every child is different and every child is special. We make sure they have the time and space they need to develop and aim to make learning a stimulating and fun experience for them all. Our aim is for each child to reach their full potential whilst in our care.


We are keen to give parents/carers an active role in preschool life. Good communication between staff and parents is important for each child’s learning and development. We want you to feel confident that your child is receiving the highest possible quality of care, and that any questions and concerns will be dealt with promptly. Please feel free to come in and talk with the staff to find out and see for yourself what goes on at our Preschool. I am sure you and your child will enjoy the experience!


Hope to see you soon


Setting Manager