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Our Preschool Goals

Our Preschool Goals

To become a Confident Communicator:

Who can listen carefully in different situations, hold a conversation with friends and adults, ask some questions and use a wide range of vocabulary to explain ideas and feelings.


To become a Talented Tool user:

Who can hold a pencil or other mark making equipment, safely and with confidence.


To become an Exceptional Explorer:

Who can show curiosity about the world around them, understand what a map is used for and show where I live by talking about directions.


To become an Independent Individual:

Who can follow the golden rules, take turns, select resources, manage my own personal needs, and know how to stay fit and healthy


To become a Brilliant Book worm:

Who can show a love for books and the use of new vocabulary, talk about the books I have looked at and identify some initial sounds.


To become a Compassionate Citizen:

Who can help and look after the setting and the environment. Know some reasons why Risby is special and have an awareness of other cultures and beliefs.


To become a Fantastic Friend:

Who can be kind, caring and helpful, show empathy and respect to others. Work and play co-operatively whilst considering other’s feelings.


To become a WOW Mark Maker:

Who can make amazing marks and say what I have drawn using various materials.


To become a Proud Performer:

Who can sing and dance, retell simple stories. Use expressions and be confident whilst playing with the instruments and listening to music and rhymes.


To become an Amazing Athlete:

Who can show strength, balance and co-ordination when playing, move confidently and safely in a variety of different ways using various equipment.


To become a Master of Mathematics:

Who can count in sequence, look at different patterns. Experiment with symbols and marks and talk in detail about shapes.


To become a Dynamic Designer:

Who can choose and safely use the resources they will need to make their creations, talk about what they have made and how.