Risby Preschool & Childcare Services


A Preschool Typical day

Our Typical day at Risby Preschool

9.15am – Preschool opens

The children are greeted by a member of staff at the door, who encourages them to walk independently into the preschool room.

The children are supported to put their coats on the peg and place their water bottles and lunch bags on the shelves and then to wash their hands.

The children will take part in a quick activity that varies each day of recognition to their name, letter sounds, shapes, colours or object positioning before sitting on our carpet for registration.


9.25am- Registration

The children sit on our carpet with members of staff and welcome the children to preschool. 

They learn a different Makaton sign of the week and go through the Golden Rules of the Preschool


9.30am-3.15pm- Free flow play

Our Preschool children have the opportunity to have continuous play both inside and outside from 9.30am to 3.15pm.  We have a rolling snack around 10am where the children choose when they stop their play to come and eat. 

Our staff follow ‘In the moment planning’, so children choose where their learning takes place and is based around the child’s interests and choice.  The staff will observe what the children are doing, assess what they need to do/know/learn next and plan their teaching, which will be delivered there and then.  This means next steps for individual children are not something that will be delivered at a point in the future, but right there ‘In the Moment’


11.45am-12.45pm - Lunch time

The children who are staying for lunch will all sit down with a member of staff and eat their lunch together.  This is slightly staggered with the younger/slower eaters starting first followed by the older/quicker eaters.  Once they have finished they are encouraged to put their lunch box away and then they can continue playing.


Indoors - We have various activities on the tables and mats around the room

Examples are: small world play, playdough, sensory table, construction equipment, maths equipment, ICT equipment, kitchen role play and dressing up clothes.


Outdoor – The children have a choice out activities and equipment that are all out to play with every day.

  • Bikes/ride-ons           - balancing equipment         - mud kitchen            - digging area
  • Builders /construction site - water play                - sand tray                  - bubbles
  • DIY table with real hammers, screwdrivers, nails and screws

3.15pm – Home time